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Become a Fully Qualified and Certified
ForkLift Operator Today

For over a decade, WORK SAFE has successfully trained 1000’s of individuals and companies in safe forklift operation.


We are pleased to now offer a comprehensive e-Learning Program. This program is designed to provide you with all you need to know to become a safe and competent forklift operator. Providing you with the ability and convenience to complete the theoretical component of your training in the comfort of your home or workplace.  

Whether you are a new operator entering the field or an experienced operator looking to upgrade your training or re-certification, this program is the perfect option for you.

Access your course anytime and anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Complete your program at your own pace within 3 days in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

WORK SAFE e-Learning Programs are Globally recognized and can be combined with any practical training/ assessment from a qualified company to gain your certification.

Not interested in online learning? No problem!

We have a variety of in-person programs to suit your needs.


WORKSAFE Online Training-min.png

Designed to provide you with all you need to know to become a safe and competent forklift operator.


This comprehensive program will guide you through all the necessary components from Regulations, Responsibilities, Hazards Identification, Safe Operating Procedures, Fuel Options, Lift Trucks -- Counter Balance, Narrow Aisle Reach, Order Picker and Walkie / Rider Pallet's and more.

WORKSAFE Online Training 4-min.png

The Aerial or Scissor Lift are versatile machines that assist workers in safely reaching elevated areas in both industrial and construction environments.


Explore everything from safety operating procedures to control systems with the Elevated Work Platform / Aerial Lift e-Learning Program.

WORKSAFE Online Training 3-min.png

This program provides workers with the required knowledge and policies to prevent slips and trips accidents, utilize ladders safely, how to select the proper fall protection components for their application and how to correctly use, inspect and maintain their fall protection system.


The Slips, Trips, & Fall Protection e-learning Program is essential for every operator.

Online Training Courses


Over 10 Years Experience Training in Forklift Operations Companies and Individuals


Committed to Your Safety and Ensuring you Meet MOL and CSA Standards and Guidelines.


Professional, Certified & Qualified Trainers and Comprehensive Programs.


2 Fully Equipped Forklift Drivers Training Centres or Onsite at Your Company.

In order to receive your certification as a qualified Forklift Operator, you are required to complete two components of learning: Theoretical Training and Practical Training. 

Theory Training can now be completed in an online video format with a theory assessment. In addition to Theory Training, you are also required to complete your Practical Training and/or a Practical Drivers Assessment on the Forklift Truck(s).

WORK SAFE Training offers 2 Levels of Practical Training to meet your individual needs at affordable rates. These options have each been designed to cater to your experience with Forklift Truck operation.

After completing these two components, you will then receive your Lift Truck Certification. 


Contact one of our representatives today to book your Practical Training!

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