Industry Recognized Forklift Certification for Individuals and Companies

Employment Agencies are a great source to you when looking for a
Forklift Job and make the process easy!

Listed are Employment Agencies throughout the GTA and Ontario that are seeking to fill various positions for many types of Lift Trucks.


Apply Today for: Counter Balance, Narrow Aisle Reach, Order Picker, and Walkie / Rider Pallet.  Agencies are listed by City. 

Scarborough Employment Agencies
Avery HR

website:  www.averyhr.com

email: shunjan@averyhr.com

tel:  905-896-6965 ext 103 

Pivotal Solutions

website : www.pivotalsolutions.com

email :  Scarborough@pivotalsoltutions.com

tel: 416-285-1500

Labour Source

website: http://www.laboursource.com

email: james@laboursource.com

tel: 416-499-9675

Staff Plus

website:  www.staffplus.ca

email: staffplus@staffplus.org

tel: 416.495.0900

Just Labour

website: www.justlabour.com

email: justlabour@rogers.com

tel: 416 759 5627

Arrow Professionals

website: www.arrowprofessionals.com/

email:  prabh@arrowprofessonal.com

tel: 416-754-0009

People Ready

website: www.peopleready.com

tel: 416-754-4437


website: www.quantum.ca/home.php

email: ankita.thomas@quantum.ca

tel: 905 306 3487

Mississauga Employment Agencies
Avery HR

website:  www.averyhr.com

email: sballal@averyhr.com

tel:  905-247-0530

Express Employment Professionals

website: www.expresspros.com/


email: jobs.mississaugaon@expresspros.com

tel: (905) 281-3600


website: www.adecco.ca


tel: 905-272-4344 


website: www.quantum.ca/home.php

email: ankita.thomas@quantum.ca

tel: 905 306 3487

Drake International

website: https://ca.drakeintl.com

email: brmississauga.drake@hiredesk.net

tel: 905 279-9000


website: www.workkerapp.com
email:  support@worrkerapp.com
tel:  905-566-0922 

Career Connections

website: http://careerconnectionsinc.com/

email: melissa@careerconnectionsinc.com

tel: 905-281-3538

Arrow Professionals

website: http://www.arrowprofessionals.com/


email: inquire@arrowprofessionals.com

tel: (905) 499-3883

Hunt Personnel

website: www.hunt.ca

email: mississauga@hunt.ca

tel. : (905) 273-3221 ext 1100

Workforce Staffing

website: www.peopleatwork.ca

email: ssukhram@peopleatwork.ca

tel. : (905) 507-3222

IS2 Workforce Solutions

website: www.is2.ca

email:  Mississauga@is2.ca

tel:  905-212-9090


website: www.Randstad.ca

email: Paljit.kler@randstad.ca

tel: 647-919-4113

Ontario Employment Direct

website: www.ontarioemploymentdirect.com

email: on.employmentdirect@gmail.com

tel: 905-565-7469


website: www.aerotek.com

email: stomaszewski@aerotek.com

tel.: (905) 283-1255


website: www.talentcor.com

Email: mississauga@talentcor.com

Tel: 905-890-0093

Bedard Resources

website: www.bedardressources.ca

email: alain@bedardressources.com

tel: 416-848-7688

Superior Group

website: https://www.superiorjobs.com/

email: Hartmanj@superiorgroup.com

tel: 905.232.2666 x3510

ABL Employment

website: www.ablemployment.com

email: peel@ablemployment.com

tel: 905-455-0743

Hunt Personnel

website: www.staffdepot.ca

email: jobs@staffdepot.ca

tel. : 647-780-7455

People Store

website:  www.peoplestore.ca

email: aantao@peoplestore.ca  or  

email:  info@peoplestore.ca

tel: 416.526.5083  or 905-277-4455

The Staffing Guys

website: www.thestaffingguys.com

email: alex@thestaffingguys.com

tel: (905)677-8367

Breakaway Staffing

website: www.breakawaystaffing.ca

email: info@breakawaystaffing.ca

tel: (905)564-9671

The Employment Solution

website: www.tes.net

email: ryans@tes.net

tel: 905-272-1068

Foremost Staffing

website: www.foremoststaffing.ca

email: recruiting@foremoststaffing.ca

tel: (905) 595-6815

Purely HR Solutions

website: www.purelyhrs.com

email: apply@purelyhrs.com

tel: 289 729 0878


website: www.fuzehr.com

email: rlau@fuzehr.com

tel: 905-361-3987 Ext: 117

Apple One

website: www.appleone.ca

email: mississauga@appleone.com

tel: 905-277-2770

Sunrise Employment

website: www.sunriseemployments.ca

email: career@sunriseemployments.ca

tel: 905-602-9705

Toronto Employment Agencies
People Store

website: www.peoplestore.ca

email:  krizvi@peoplestore.ca

Tel: 289-327-2605

People Ready

website: www.peopleready.com

tel: 416-304-1220

Pivotal Solutions

website : www.pivotalsolutions.com

email :  Scarborough@pivotalsoltutions.com

tel: 416-285-1500

Top Notch Recruitment

website: www.topnotchemployment.com 

email: resumes@topnotchemployment.com

tel: 416-741-0066

BL Consulting Services

website: http://blconsulting.ca/job-listings/

email: info@blconsulting.ca

tel: 416-321-6565

Drake International

website: https://ca.drakeintl.com/

email: brtorontodt.drake@hiredesk.net

email:  torontowest@na.drakeintl.com

tel: 416-762-4414

Alfa Job Agency

website: http://www.alfajobagency.com

email:  Hr@alfajobagency.com

tel: 647-351-2533

Winters Technical Staffing

website: www.winterstaffing.com

email:  heather@winterstaffing.com

tel:  416-495-7422 ext. 223

Premium Employment Group

website: www.premiumes.ca

email: mail@premiumes.ca

tel: 416-736-7474

Trades Labour Toronto

website: www.tradeslabour.com

email: jobs@tlcto.com

tel: 647-354-4852

The Employment Solution

website: www.tes.net

email: blakec@tes.net

tel: 1-800-818-4895

A & T Human Resources

website: www.athumanresources.com

email:  info@athumanresources.com

tel: 416-431-0644


website: deborz.com/

email: malikaa@deborz.com

tel: 416-879-3242

Abl Employment

website: ablemployment.com

email: kianna@ablemployment.com

tel: 416-749.2253

Brampton Employment Agencies
Access Careers

website: www.accesscareers.com-website

email: wendy@accesscareers.com

tel: 905-866-6616

Top Notch Employment

website: TopnotchEmployment.ca

email: anita@TopnotchEmployment.com

tel: 905-791-4111 or 416-417-7139

Endeavour Personnel Ltd.

website: www.endeavourpersonnel.com

email: clientservices@endeavourpersonnel.com

tel:  (905) 457-3074

247 Human Resources Solutions

website: www.24-7hrs.com

email: info@24-7hrs.com

tel: 905-790-8367

Nova Staffing

email: danap@novadriverservices.com

tel: 905.796.3300

Essential Staffing


email: resumes@essentialstaffing.ca

tel: 416-226-5461

IS2 Workforce Solutions

website:  www.whyis2.ca

email:  Brampton@is2.ca

tel:  905-792-2227

Help Unlimited

website:   www.helpunlimited.ca

email:  Dispatch@helpunlimited.ca

Tel:  905-452-0995 

Express Employment Professionals Brampton

website: https://www.expresspros.com/


email: jobs.bramptonON@expresspros.com

tel: 905-874-9824

Apple One

website: www.appleone.ca

email: brampton@appleone.com

tel: 905-453-8000

Lets Work Labour Force

website: letsworkcanada.com/

email: forklift@letsworklabourforce.com

Tel: 905.230.5627

Staff Plus

website: www.staffplus.ca

email: Brampton@staffplus.org

tel: 905-457-7587

People Ready

website: www.peopleready.com

tel: 905-459-2666

Encompass Personnel

website: http://encompasspersonnel.ca/

email: Dcheevers@encompasspersonnel.ca

tel: 905-454-3333


website:  http://www.itsjobs.ca/

email:  work@itsjobs.ca

tel:905 499 4131 Ext 1.

Career 1

website: www.career1.ca

email: alex@career1.ca

Tel: (905) 897-9675

Burlington Employment Agencies

website: www.adecco.ca

email: Stefanie.servello@adecco.ca

tel: 905-634-4445


website: www.randstad.ca

email: alannah.traynor@randstad.ca

tel: 905-637-3473

Concord Employment Agencies
Nova Staffing

Email: danap@novadriverservices.com

tel: 905.761.0412

Etobicoke Employment Agencies
Staff Plus

website : www.staffplus.ca

email: west@staffplus.org

tel: 416-747-7587

United Staffing

website: unitedstaffing.ca

email: operations@unitedstaffing.ca

tel: 416-236-9500

People Ready

website: www.peopleready.com

tel: 416-253-4434

Optimum Operations

website: www.optimumemployment.ca

email: operations@optimumemp.ca

tel: 647-338-2201

Apple One

website: www.appleone.ca

email: etobicoke@appleone.com

tel: 416-236-4000


website: www.hcr.ca/

email: info@hcr.ca

tel: 416-622-1427

Guelph/ Kitchener Employment Agencies
Dean Group

website: kitchenerjobs.deangroup.ca/

email: adminkitchener@deangroup.ca

tel: 519-568-7778 x 233

247 Human Resource Solutions

website: www.24-7hrs.com

email: info@24-7hrs.com

tel: 519-822-2232

London Employment Agencies
Drake International

website: https://ca.drakeintl.com

email: brlondon.drake@hiredesk.net

tel: 519 433-3151

Milton Employment Agencies
ABL Employment

website: www.ablemployment.com

email: milton@ablemployment.com

tel: 905-635-2907


website: www.hcr.ca

email: shemraj@hcr.ca

tel: 905-876-4661   


website: www.randstad.ca

email: alannah.traynor@randstad,ca

tel: 905-637-3473

Newmarket Employment Agencies

website: www.hcr.ca/

email: work@hcr.ca

Tel: 905-954-0210

Oakville Employment Agencies
Legacy Personnel

website: www.legacypersonnelsolutions.com/

email: info@legacypersonnelsolutions.com

tel: 416-567-7661

Oshawa Employment Agencies

website: www.randstad.ca/

email: Shannon.portelance@randstad.ca

tel: 905-579-2911

Staff Plus

website: www.staffplus.org/

email: durham@staffplus.org

tel: 905-720-0122

People Ready

website: www.peopleready.com

tel: 905-432-9700

Help Unlimited

website:    www.helpunlimited.ca

email:  Oshawa@helpunlimited.ca\

tel:    905-571-0868

Pickering Employment Agencies
Richmond Hill Employment Agencies
Apple One

website: www.appleone.ca

email:  richmondhill@appleone.com

tel: 905-787-9911

Vaughan/ Woodbridge Employment Agencies
Access Careers

website: www.accesscareers.com

email: jobs@accesscareeres.com

tel: 905-761-3303

Express Employment Professionals

website: https://www.expresspros.com/woodbridgeon/job-openings.aspx

email: Jobs.woodbridgevaughanon@expresspros.com

Tel: 905-264-7130


website:  www.Jobs2go.ca

email: info@jobs2go.ca

Tel:  905-266-2822

IS2 Workforce Solutions

website: www.is2.ca

email:   Vaughan@is2.ca

Tel:  905-918-5050

Labour Source

website: http://www.laboursource.com/
tel: 905-264-9675

York Staffing Solutions

website:  www.yorkstaffingsolutions.com

email: dorette@yorkstaffingsolutions.com

Tel:  905-881-8878

People Ready

website: www.peopleready.com

tel: 905-850-2444


website: www.hcr.ca

email: recruiting@hcr.ca

tel: 905-669-1232