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WORK SAFE Training is accepted Globally. This means you can use any WORK SAFE e-Learning Program with any practical training/ assessment from a qualified company to gain your certification.

Throughout Canada and all over the world, WORK SAFE has you covered.


Over 10 Years Experience Training in Forklift Operations Companies and Individuals


Committed to Your Safety and Ensuring you Meet MOL and CSA Standards and Guidelines.


Professional, Certified & Qualified Trainers and Comprehensive Programs.


2 Fully Equipped Forklift Drivers Training Centres or Onsite at Your Company.

In order to receive your certification as a qualified Forklift Operator, you are required to complete two components of learning: Theoretical Training and Practical Training

WORK SAFE's e-Learning Programs have everything you need to complete your Theory Training with assessment. In addition to Theory Training, you are also required to complete your Practical Training and/or a Practical Drivers Assessment on the Forklift Truck(s).

WORK SAFE Training offers 2 Levels of Practical Training to meet your individual needs at affordable rates. These options have each been designed to cater to your experience with Forklift Truck operation.

After completing these two components, you will then receive your Lift Truck Certification. 


Contact one of our representatives today to book your Practical Training!

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