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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Forklift Training Requirements, Forklift Training Programs for New Operators,

Re-Certification / Renewals and Company Training, and how to choose where to get your Forklift Training Completed.

What Types of Forklift Trucks Should You Get Trained and Certified On?

There are 4 major Fork Lift Trucks that you can choose to get certified on: Counter Balance, Narrow Aisle Reach, Order Picker and the Walkie / Rider Pallet Truck.

You can choose to complete 1 or all 4.  Keep in mind that companies will have either 1 type or a combination of the 4 lift trucks. So it is crucial, that you can present yourself to a company with the certifications that they may require.  The more you have the more attractive you are to a company to hire you as a worker. Many companies, may also introduce new forklift equipment at any given time. Some call it a Master Certificate – will all 4 lift trucks.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Forklift Training School?

Not all Forklift Training Schools are the same.  The number one thing you should be looking for is a reputable training centre that offers proper and effective training.  Training should consist of Theory Training + Practical Training and Assessments both Theoretically and Practically. Not a just issuing a certificate on the spot.

If pricing (cost) is your only factor, you most likely will not receive what you need and require. Many companies and employment agencies simply do not recognize some forklift training schools, because of the “lack” of training provided. Cheap programs do not mean superior training.

Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin can lead you in the right direction by providing you with insight into customer reviews and legitimacy of a Forklift Training School.

Be sure to ask things like how long is the program, how much time do I receive to practice on the forklift truck(s), is a training record included, is there “real” job program that will help me get working.  Also keep in mind that anyone can have a certificate, however that does not mean you are competent according to standards and most likely will not secure a job without a sufficient amount of training.

Be careful of Forklift Training Schools that do not provide you with your Photo ID & Diploma Certification right away. Some will hold on to it until you get a job through them. Once certified you should possess your certificate and use it with any company you wish.

What is the Difference Between In-House Forklift Certification And Forklift Certification From A Training School?

In-House or Company Forklift Certification is only applicable (valid) at the Company you received it from. You can use it with that company only as long as you continue to work for them.  It not transferable to another company. When you get trained and certified from a reputable training school, you can use it at any company.

How Long is Your Forklift Certificate Valid For? How Long Do Forklift Certifications Last?

Forklift Certifications are valid for 3 years according to the CSA (Canadian Standards Association).  At the 3 year mark, you will be required to be re-assessed both Theoretically and Practically.

What Is Included in a Forklift Training & Certification Program?

It should include a Theory Portion with Knowledge Evaluation, Practical Drivers Training ( if required) and Driver’s Assessment (Test). Upon successful completion, you should receive a Photo ID & Diploma Certificate valid for 3 years and a Training Record to illustrate that you have completed all the necessary components.

Do I Need To Be Trained And Certified on Different Classes, Makes and Models of Forklift Truck Equipment?

Each Class of Forklift Truck does require its own training and certification. For example, if you are trained and certified on Counter Balance Forklift only, it does not allow you to operate a Reach Truck. If you are operating a Counter Balance, Narrow Aisle Reach, Order Picker, Walkie / Rider Pallet or Aerial / Scissor Lift – each one will require separate training and documentation.  These Lift Trucks do not operate the same way.

When it comes to makes and models – you do not need to be certified for each kind.  For example, if you were trained on a Counter Balance Forklift that was a Toyota Make/ Model – you can still operate a Counter Balance that is a Caterpillar or Clark or  Raymond etc…

Does WORK SAFE Training Provide Additional Training After Completion Of Your New Operator Forklift Training Program?

Yes. WORK SAFE Training offers a Free practice session on each class of Forklift Truck after completion of a New Operator Program. This free practice session can be used within 6 months of completing your Lift Truck Training Program.

What Type of Records Do I Need To Keep Or Provide To An Employer?

WORK SAFE Training will provide you will all the necessary documentation that you require.  Upon completion of your Forklift Training Program, you will receive your Training Record, which will consist of copies of your Practical Training Assessment and Knowledge Verification Evaluation. As well as your Photo ID & Diploma Certification.  All documentation and certificates should be copied and provided to your employer.

How Much Does it Cost (Price)  for Forklift Training Programs?  How Much Is It For a Forklift Test?

Forklift Training and Certification programs costs will vary.  It will depend on a couple of things. 1. How many lift trucks you are looking to get trained and certified on and 2. Which program are you looking for – New Operator, Intermediate or Advanced / Renewal.

Does WORK SAFE Training Provide Assistance for Funding With Social Services , E.I. , Ontario Disability Etc…

Yes. WORK SAFE Training works with a wide variety of companies that can assist you in getting assistance with your Forklift Training Programs.

Does WORK SAFE Training offer a Forklift Job Assistance Program?

Yes. WORK SAFE Training offers a Free Job Assistance Program to assist our students in finding work.  We offer connections to a large range of Employment Agencies and companies throughout the GTA. We also provide Job Listings / Postings on our website and social media sites that students can apply to directly.  As well, as a Resume Service Program. All designed to help you get working quickly.

How Much Do Forklift Operators / Drivers Make?

The average forklift operator earns anywhere from an average of $15 – $22 per hour. It will depend on where you obtain employment.

Are You An Employer Who Requires Their Employees To Get Trained As A New Operator Or Renewal / Re-Certification?  Does WORK SAFE Training Provide On-Site Training? 

Yes. WORK SAFE Training provides On-Site Training at your company location.  As well, we offer 2 locations in – Mississauga and Scarborough where the training of your employees can also be completed.

Do You Need To Have A Drivers Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck?

No.  A Drivers Licence (for your car) is not a requirement to get trained and operate a Forklift Truck.

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement To Be Able To Complete Forklift Training or Operate a Forklift?

The minimum age is 18 years old. However, if you are 17 years old and have permission from a parent or guardian you also qualify.

What Is The Difference Between A Forklift Certificate and a Forklift Licence / License? 

Once you have completed your Forklift Training program, you will become a Certified Forklift Operator.  You will be issued a Photo ID – Licence Size Certificate that you should carry with you while operating the Forklift. People often get confused with the terminology, because it looks like a Drivers Licence you receive to operate a car.  However, there is no such thing as a Forklift Licence / License.

Can I Complete Forklift Training Online?

You will need to complete Practical Training and/or Practical Testing – that can not be done online.  Forklift Training Programs should be completed at a reputable forklift training school / centre, where all components and requirements have been met.

Are Cell Phones ( Mobile Phones) Allowed To Be Used When Operating a Forklift?

No. A cell phone is a distraction.  When operating a forklift truck, you need to stay completely focused at the task at hand. Just the same as when you drive your car.  You can receive a fine by Ministry Inspectors if you use your cell phone while operating your Fork Lift Truck

Do You Have Forklift Certification From A Different Province or Country And Want To Use It In Ontario? Is It Valid?

No. The Certification you received from a different province or country is not valid here in Ontario. Ontario has it’s own standards and regulations, so you will be required to complete a Forklift Training Program in Ontario before you can begin working again.

Does the Ministry Of Labour  (MOL), The Canadian Standards Association (CSA), And Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) Provide Standards and Guidelines for Forklift Truck Training And Certification Programs?

Yes. The MOL,  CSA ( B335-15) and OHSA have all set standards and guidelines for trainers, training schools and employers to meet.  This is to ensure safe work practices at work that not only protect you but also to protect your co-workers and the facility you work in.

Are Women Driving Forklifts?  Can A Woman Complete The Forklift Truck Training And Become a Certified Forklift Operator? 

Yes. Absolutely.  As the demand for more forklift operators becomes available,  more women are moving out of General Labour Jobs and into the world of forklift operation.  There is no valid reason why a woman should not or can not operate a Forklift Truck. Forklift jobs often offer a higher pay rate, which can benefit women as well as men.

Can I fail my program?

No one fails a program at WORK SAFE Training. WORK SAFE Training offers a variety of programs to suit different needs. Select the program that is most suitable in regards to your experience and you shall receive your forklift certificate upon completion.

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