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Why you need a Forklift Training Record?

Updated: Apr 2

What is a Forklift Training Record?

A forklift training record is documentation that confirms the forklift training was successfully provided to a forklift operator and they were assessed according to the standards and regulations.

Training records must be validated with a signature of the instructor, the date of training, the name of operator and which class of forklift equipment was assessed. It should contain up to date records of the theoretical and practical assessments and photo ID / diploma certification. It is vital that records of forklift operator training are held by all employers as it illustrates proof that training was successfully completed. Training Records can be kept on file computer based or basic paper filing.

Firstly, keeping a record of operator training is a good way to track the progress and development of forklift operators, helping to ensure that skills and knowledge are up to date and refreshed.

Secondly, record keeping assists the employers and instructors to easily identify useful information, such as the details of training that have been delivered and what additional types of training techniques are recommended. This is a great way to prevent any workplace accidents while staying compliant.

Lastly, conducting the appropriate end of course practical assessments is also an essential element of the training process. Employers must ensure that operators are assessed.

Why is a Forklift Training Record required?

Forklift operators are required by Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Ministry of Labour (MOL) to receive adequate training that deems them to be a competent operator. (Check with your local government to see what rules and regulations apply.)

This record of training is evidence that an operator has completed and fulfilled the requirements of the safety program. These documents should be provided to the employer when applying for a job. Employers are required to store these records on file and present them to any health and safety inspector upon request.

Failure to provide training records can lead to penalties for anyone operating a forklift truck and could amount to fines up to $25,000 and at least 1 year of imprisonment. Companies that are in violation may have to pay a fine up to of $500,000.

How long should records be kept on file?

As of 2022, Training records are valid for 3 years. Training Records should be kept on file for the duration of the employees employment or a minimum of 5 years. According to the CSA Standard, when the 3 year time period as lapsed, new training records ( recertification) must be completed. As well, if any new type or class of forklift truck equipment is introduced to an employee, training and assessments must be completed and a new record of training must be created.

What must be included in a Forklift Training Record?

Operator Training Records should include a detailed account of what was covered in both the training and the assessment. Training records should be validated with the signature of the instructor delivering the training, which is also confirmation that the operator acknowledges the training they have received.

1. Name of Operator

2. Date of Training/ Evaluation

3. Type / Class of equipment being assessed. (ex. Counter Balance )

4. Signature of Instructor

What difference can a Forklift Training Record make?

Unfortunately, incidents can occur at the workplace. Training records are crucial for an employer to illustrate that they are a responsible employer who has completed all the necessary steps possible to protect their employees. If an incident was to occur within an employer’s operations, these records will help to show that they have followed certain, legally required procedures by carrying out valid training and refresher training to work towards preventing these types of incidents . Failure to have training records can result in company incurring large fines, increase companies’ overall costs and open up an investigation. It may also damage the companies reputation.

A forklift can be an extremely dangerous piece of equipment.

Forklift Training has been proven to save the lives of the operator and co-workers. If you haven't been properly trained in the correct safety procedures of operating a forklift lifting device, you run the risk of getting into an accident that can either cause bodily harm or cause fatal injuries for yourself or your co-workers. By receiving the proper training, it will help individuals become better, more competent forklift operators. Operators will learn how to work more efficiently and effectively while still being safe. Forklift training will build operator confidence and assist in becoming more valuable employee for a company.

In conclusion. Having well documented records are vital for protecting businesses and employees while keeping operations running smoothly. By keeping detailed records, demonstrate the employee has been adequately trained and indicate if there are any further instructions. It provides the employer with reassurance that an operator is capable of operating equipment is a safe and competent manner.

Remember the top reasons for having training records are:

  • Safety, Compliance,

  • Accident Prevention,

  • Efficient Workplaces,

  • Lower Turnovers,

  • Lowering Costs and

  • Maintaining a Business' Reputation


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