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What is a Walkie /Rider Pallet Lift Truck?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

The Pallet Lift Truck is the most basic form of Material Handling Lift Equipment. Motorized Pallet trucks are used to move light to heavy pallets (skids) for relatively short distances.  Pallet trucks do have powered drive systems and hydraulic lift capabilities, enabling the lift to raise and support heavy loads. The hydraulic lifting mechanism is completely controlled by the operator.

There are two types of Motorized Pallet Lift Trucks

Walkie Pallet Lift Truck

Walkie is a term given to a Motorized Pallet Truck in which you walk-behind or alongside.  These trucks are more economical alternative to the Rider Pallet. Walkies work best where heavy loads must be transported for short distances.  The maximum speed low compared to the Rider Pallet.   The benefits of this pallet truck is the cost, small size makes it maneuverable, and the lower speed decreases the chances for severe accidents.

Rider Pallet Lift Truck

Rider is a term given to a Motorized Pallet Truck with a platform for the operator to “ride” on.  Rider Pallet Trucks are ideal for frequent movement over larger distances. These trucks are much faster than the Walkie Pallet and have only a few controls that make it easy to learn to operate.

End Control vs Center Control

Walkie / Rider Pallet Lift Trucks can be operated by either End Control or Centre Control.  The difference is where the control bar is located. With the End Control the control handle/bar is situated at the “end” of truck as shown in the above illustrations.  Center Control is where the control handle/bar is located in the center of the truck. 

A Walkie/Rider Pallet is a combination of a Walkie Pallet & Rider Pallet Lift Truck.

Single Pallet ?  Double Pallet?  Triple Pallet?

The most common Walkie/Rider Pallet Lift Truck has the capability of carrying the length of 1 skid/pallet.  Some Walkie/Riders come with longer forks to handle the length of 2 skids (Double Pallet) or 3 Skids (Triple Pallet).

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