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Summer Job Opportunities for Students

Looking Want To Earn Extra Money this Summer?  –  Do you Need / Want a Summer Job ?

Operating and working as a Certified Forklift Operator is a great way for Students to make some extra income.

Whether you are seeking a Part-Time or Full-Time Job to assist in paying for your studies or to keep you busy throughout the summer, a Forklift Job has many benefits.

Many companies hire students for temporary or contract to work through the summer. It is also a great way to build contacts and develop your resume.

Working as a Certified Forklift Operator provides you with the opportunity to work for countless industries such as: Logistics, Courier, Transportation, Construction, Landscaping, Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail etc… Some job titles you can expect to apply for are: Forklift Operator, Warehouse Associate, Shipper/Receiver, and / or Material Handler.

Who can become a Certified Forklift Operator? Anyone male or female can operate a forklift. We recommend that you are at least 17 years old with permission from parent or guardian; otherwise, 18 years old. A valid Driver’s Licence is not required.

Flexible Shifts + Flexible Hours – The industry for forklift operators allows for a variety of shifts and hours. You may be seeking a few evenings a week, weekend job, of full time status. 

How much can you expect to earn? In terms of pay range, you can expect to earn wages from $16.00 – $22.00+ per hour.

What do you need to get started? You will be required to complete training, receive a valid Certificate of Training to operate the Forklift, as well as a good pair of Safety Shoes. Training is not lengthy; you can get certified and working within a few days.

Where Can I Find a Forklift Job? There are countless ways to find a forklift job.  You can work with the training company you got certified from, or apply to employment agencies, look online at various job sites. Check out this article on Where to find Forklift Jobs

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