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How To Choose Where To Get Your Forklift Training

Looking to get forklift (lift truck) trained and certified? Finding the right training centre can sometimes be a challenge.  There are many training centers out there. But what makes one different than the next?

Knowledge is Key.  A training centre that is knowledgeable about the industry is fundamental. A forklift training centre should be able to inform the customer about the rules and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Labour, the Canadian Standards Association, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  The trainers and personnel must be able to differentiate between the different types of lift truck (i.e Counter Balance, Reach, Order Picker, Walkie / Rider).

Well-Informed Trainers – Trainers should be Certified and Possess the skills to train various types of people on various types of lift trucks.  Different programs for different drivers.  A good trainer teaches the basics, a great trainer will go above and beyond, they bring in real world experiences along with their patience and a drive to teach people confidence and skill.

Meet the Program Requirements – In order to become a Certified Forklift Operator, one must complete both Theory (in-class) and Practical Training and Testing.  The training centre should keep a record of this training for at least 3 years.  Remember to ask what is covered. Topics such as Stability, Safety Inspections, Driving Technique and Refueling Procedures etc… need to be discussed.

Different Levels of Programs – Not one person is the same.  By offering various programs, you can decide what the best level for you to complete is.  Some people need re-certification, others a quick refresher, and some at the beginner level.

Maintained Facility & Equipment – A professional training centre will be able to provide you with the proper lift truck equipment, in proper operating condition.  All companies should have their lift truck equipment safety inspected on an annual basis.  As well provide a warehouse facility with racking which will allow you to learn the imperative techniques one must know to become a certified forklift driver and work safely and successfully.  Go in person and check out the facility yourself.

Certification – Upon completion you should receive valid certification. Your certification will help you get the desired job you wish for.  The Training Centre should be able to provide you with a Professional Photo ID & Diploma Certification valid for 3 years (CSA B335-15). A training record with your theory and practical results should also be given.  Keep these records in a safe place in case your company or the ministry would like to view them.

Accredited/  Well Known –  A training centre with good reviews is crucial. Ask a friend or go their website for testimonials. As well checkout their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Job Assistance Program – A Job Program will be essential for those seeking immediate work. A training centre with contacts with Employment Agencies and Companies is beneficial.

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