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Career as a Forklift Operator – The Smart Choice

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Fork Lift Truck Operators are always in demand. They provide an imperative role to many industries (Industrial, Construction, Logistics, Manufacturing, Transportation, Courier, Retail etc…)  Have you ever thought how all that freight gets on to the delivery trucks?  Have you ever taken a look at the HWY and noticed how many Tractor Trailers go by and how the freight was loaded on to them?  Have you ever seen the back of your favourite supermarket or big chain store and seen all the lift trucks transporting or off-loading shipments?

That is because no one person can lift that weight, and a Lift Truck or more commonly known as a forklift, is that special piece of equipment that does all the heavy lifting for you!  It became popular during World War II.  Forklifts were useful when it came to fulfilling the demand during the years when the War was in full swing. With a limited supply of man-power, the forklift stepped to help manage the labor shortage. After the war was over the forklift continued to improve and maintain its popularity.  Forklift Operators Jobs are considered to be one of the TOP TEN Jobs in Canada!

They are easy to learn to operate as it is to drive a car and forklift training and certification can be completed in as little as a few days. Obtaining employment is much simpler than many other industries. Not only are there are large amount of jobs, there are countless employment agencies that are waiting to place operators; sometimes even the next day.  To top it off jobs come with a reasonable salary and offer versatile shifts.   Shifts can be part time, full time, weekend or continental.  The bonus of this type of position is that it can become a full-time career or part–time employment. Countless students work as a forklift operators to pay their way through school or as a summer job, while others may take it up as second job to make ends meet.

Since WWII, the forklift as grown into variety of makes and models, classes and designs and a multitude of fuel options. They have become the backbone of many businesses. At the same time businesses are getting more efficient and effective with their approach to how they manage their operations – by purchasing the vehicles they that need to get the job done with maximum benefit.  Previously they would solely utilize the common Forklift (Counter Balance) to get majority of tasks completed. However, the priority has now become utilizing space and using the right lift truck for the job.

In Today’s workplace, Counter Balance (forklift), Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks, Order Pickers, Walkie/ Rider Pallet Lift & Aerial ( Scissor ) Lifts are all applicable.

With many businesses using all or a combination of lift trucks. For an individual seeking work in these fields, it is highly recommended that they obtain certification on as many lift trucks as possible.  Not only does this knock out competition for jobs, it is highly attractive to the company that is hiring.

At the end of the day, you get to paid to drive. Not a bad way to spend the working day right! Forklift Certification is definitely a great gem to have in your back pocket.

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