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Forklift Renewal Expiry Requirements

Is your Forklift Truck Certification about to expire? Are you unsure if you need to get it renewed?

The simple answer is Yes.

Why do I need to Renew my Forklift Certification?

  • After 3 or more years of operating a Fork Lift Truck, one can imagine that bad habits could be in play.

  • New equipment has been introduced.

  • An accident has occurred at your place of work.

  • Initial training was not effective or up to standards.

Forklift Training Requirements

Creating a safer environment to work in is essential in Ontario. Bad habits, poor training or lack of training have led to countless of avoidable accidents.  The Ministry of Labour (MOL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) have all set forth regulations and standards to ensure the operator, co-worker and company’s facility are all safe and protected. Only trained and authorized personnel are permitted to operate forklift truck equipment.


Whether you are in a warehouse, industrial environment, construction site, or outdoor setting where powered lift equipment are being utilized, forklift training and certification are required for the safe operation, personnel safety and avoidance of fines.

Keep in mind that the Ministry of Labour requires that anyone operating a Lift Truck is a competent operator, and can request to see your training documents at any time.

How Long is Forklift Certification Valid For?

Retraining of Lift Truck Operators must be completed every 3 Years!

CSA Standard indicates that forklift certificates are valid for 3 years and that re-training shall occur within that time frame. Re-training / Renewal or Re-Certification must consist of re-testing and must include:

  1. Knowledge Verification (Theory) 

  2. Practical Skills (Driving) Assessment


Recommended keeping records on file with your company.

Each different type or class of Lift Truck requires both evaluations listed above.

Forklift - Counter Balance - Class I IV V, 3 or 4 wheel, Propane , Gas, DIesel or Battery.
Counter Balance
Narrow Aisle Reach Truck - Class II - High Lift, Straddle, Extended or Deep.png
Narrow Aisle Reach
Order Picker - Class II.png
Order Picker
Walkie Rider Pallet - Class III , End Control - Battery, Single, Double or Triple Pallet.p
Walkie Rider Pallet
MEWP - Aerial Scissor Lift - Mobile Elevated Work Platform, Skyjack.png
Aerial Scissor Lift

Who Pays for Forklift Renewals / Re-Certification or Re-Training?

If you are employed with a company, ask your manager/supervisor if re-training is covered by them.  Many companies will foot the costs of your Forklift Re-Certification.  If you are not employed with a company, you may complete the Forklift Renewal / Re-Certification before you begin working as a Forklift Operator.

Standards for Forklift Training & Certification

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