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Women Working as Forklift Operators

There is a general perception that working with forklifts is entirely a male domain. FALSE. Most think that forklifts are always driven by men, and any woman who might choose a “career” working with forklifts will need to be big, strong and exceptionally butch! FALSE.

Nothing could be further from the truth, considering the fact that Forklift Trucks are just as suitable for men and women to drive just as cars are.

Job expansion in the manufacturing sector looks promising for the economy, but what does this news mean for the women out of work? Male workers have dominated the industrial workforce and have naturally have gravitated towards these types of jobs, but women also need to take advantage of these possible job opportunities.  Forklift operators are in various industries from Warehousing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Construction, Courier, and Transportation.

 A career as a Forklift driver is an underrated profession and often overlooked by women who may not recognize the high demand for Forklift operators. Operators drive Forklifts and use them carry heavy loads and stack pallets onto warehouse shelving or trucks.  One can earn a respectable salary, opportunities for promotion. and enjoy flexible shifts as a Forklift operator. In order to secure employment, a training course and certification is mandatory, but easy to obtain. Getting Certified is FAST, SIMPLE & EASY!

WORK SAFE Training is a Workplace and Forklift Driver Safety Training Centre providing quality training, superior service and a commitment to safety that can assist women in getting Forklift trained.

A fully equipped training facility, small class sizes, day and weekend classes, relevant skills training, and an employment assistance program to assist in quick job placement are just some of the things that make it safe to say that WORK SAFE Training is the first choice for Forklift Training & Certification. Get trained, get certified, get working!

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